A Tropical Paradise in Largo Florida

With the right approach to landscape design in Largo, FL, you can create a beautiful backyard space for relaxing by the pool, spending time with family, or entertaining guests. Before you start your next home project, take some time to reimagine your backyard. The following ideas give you the power to make the most of your outdoor space.

Tip 1: Create a Custom Blend of Colors

Florida's tropical climate supports a diverse assortment of trees, plants, and bushes, with flowers in just about every color. Look for low-maintenance flowers that suit your color palette and fit your budget.

Pick flowers that stand out and complement your yard in daylight and twilight.

Avoid monotony by including several colors and arranging the colors, so they take the eye on a journey. Coordinate the color scheme with other design elements from, such as light fixtures, benches, chairs, and pavers.

Tip 2: Invite the Sounds of Nature

No tropical paradise would be complete without water. The splash of a frog into a pond, the drip of rainwater off a leaf, and the trickle of a creek are just a few of the sounds that could greet you once a professional design team creates and installs your custom landscape design in Largo, FL.

Florida is home to multiple types of wildlife. Choose flowers and plants that attract birds and beneficial insects. Once your yard develops a thriving ecosystem, you can enjoy the pleasant sounds of nature, from the first bird call of daybreak to the chirping of crickets in the evening.

Tip 3: Include a Deck and Pathways

Vibrantly colored plants and pathway in Largo, FL

A backyard tropical getaway is more than just a view from your window or driveway. Your landscape should be a space that visitors can explore and navigate. Provide stepping stones, pathways, decks, patios, and more.

Decking and paving stones guide your guests and give them secure footing so their feet won’t get muddy. They can also be slip-resistant, which could be invaluable if your guests use the pool.

Tip 4: Provide Some Shade

Many homeowners want a respite from the hot Florida sun when they go outside. Plant trees and tall shrubbery at strategic locations to provide shade and reduce glare. Select trees that match your decor and grow well in your soil type and climate.

Position your trees carefully to prevent the root structure from interfering with your plumbing and the branches from becoming entangled in your power lines. An experienced landscaper can recommend the appropriate variety of trees for your project.

Tip 5: Connect Your Interior and Exterior Designs

When guests and family members visit your home, they will often move frequently from indoors to outside gathering spaces. Consider including common design motifs for indoor and outdoor living areas and plan the transition. Create a tropical landscape that looks inviting when you view it from the windows and doorways of your home.

You can reinforce the concept of a tropical paradise with amenities that enhance your enjoyment of life. Include stylish recessed lighting, furniture, and appliances for entertainment and relaxation that complement your interior offers. When you cook or gather around a grill or fire, your décor and landscape design should make you feel at home, whether in Largo or Seminole, FL.

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A custom landscape remodeling job turned tropical paradise in Largo, FL

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