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Are you wondering what a professional landscape designer in St. Petersburg, FL, can do for your property? What value does a designer bring to the table, and why should you hire one?

The team at From The Ground Up Landscape Design, which serves the St. Petersburg area, discusses the benefits of bringing in experienced designers for your landscape.

The Difference a Landscape Designer Can Make

Landscape architects tend to focus on larger projects in public spaces, while a landscape designer aims to improve individual residential and commercial properties. However, the skills that both landscape specialists provide tend to hold the same range and function.

Let’s explore the differences a professional landscape designer can make in improving your outdoor living spaces with valuable technical knowledge and experience.

Generating Informed Ideas

Do you know which plants will thrive in full sun and which ones prefer shady areas? What about tree and shrub varieties that don’t need constant upkeep? These questions can make or break your landscape dreams and impact how much you spend on finding the right design for the St. Petersburg region.

Without specialized knowledge of the wide variety of landscape possibilities and plant varieties, you might be lacking in ideas for your lawn. Designers with professional landscape experience can generate numerous ideas that will thrive on your property and meet your needs.

Analyzing the Landscape Site

Experienced landscape designers will be able to properly analyze the ecosystem that exists in your yard. This analysis helps the designer see the minor details and the larger picture, which will impact the success of your landscape ideas.

Additionally, this analysis allows the designer to work solutions into the concept for your property. For example, if you have small hills that affect rainfall drainage or divots that collect pools of water, the designer can plan for grading procedures to smooth the ground and improve the function of your landscape design.

Designing a Defined Concept

It’s essential to be able to visualize the landscape concept in a meaningful way. Not only does the concept guide the installation, but seeing a digital model or hand-drawn representation of the plan helps you decide whether the design is the most appealing choice or if you need to keep making changes to the concept.

Performing Installation

Preparing a yard for new landscape installation can be an intensive, laborious project. Ripping out existing plants, removing unwanted trees, and disposing of damaged decks to make room for your new plants, trees, and unique lawn features might be more than one person can handle.

A professional landscape team has the experience and unique landscape tools that enable them to do all the preparation and installation work with the best strategies and still stick to a timely schedule. Reach out to your local landscape company to learn more about your options today.

Technicians laying sod on a professional landscape design project in St. Petersburg, FL

Landscape Design Services in St. Petersburg, FL

The professionals at From The Ground Up Landscape Design offer a variety of services that help you beautify your home or business. Ask about lush green landscape concepts or explore our hardscape options, like pavers and rockscapes, to find the right aesthetic for your property. No job is too big or too small for our team of landscape experts.

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