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In terms of landscape design in Seminole, FL, homeowners and property developers often create custom landscapes that resonate with the culture and history of the region. The idea of an oasis as a place of comfort and refuge from the summer heat has been an iconic part of American culture for generations.

Choosing an oasis design theme for your property can give your outdoor space the ambiance of a luxury resort, a casino, or a more rustic natural hideaway.

Choose Plants and Trees That Match the Climate in Seminole, FL

When they invest in home landscape design, Seminole Florida homeowners want their perennial plants and trees to last for years. Choosing the right plants for your neighborhood, sun exposure, and soil characteristics allows you to enjoy a yard that is easy to take care of and pass that legacy down to your family.

Use Vibrant Plants

Palm trees used in a great landscape design in St. Petersburg, FL

Don't waste the bright Florida sunshine by planting dull flowers. Instead, make your property a lush oasis or traditional garden by planting bright flowering plants and plants with eye-catching leaves and leaf formations. Your flowers can become conversation pieces and core features of your landscape color scheme.

Include Water Features

An oasis is a lush refuge from the desert heat that owes its existence to water. Your landscaped oasis does not need a spring or a watering hole, but it should have some water element, such as a fountain, pond, waterfall, or stream. Even a dry bed can give the impression of water flow.

Consider bird baths or hummingbird feeders to add richness to the landscaping and attract animals that themselves beautify your property.

Manage Drainage and Irrigation

Without overlooking the aesthetics of your plants, trees, and grasses, be mindful of the water level and drainage on your property. Don't risk losing any of your vegetation to waterlogged soil.

In addition to the decorative water elements, consider installing a sprinkler or irrigation system to keep the water levels steady during dry spells. Get the advice of an expert in landscape design in Seminole, FL, who understands the local water table and can tell by assessing your property how water drains through it in various weather conditions.

If water is not draining properly, a French drain could solve the problem. If rainwater from the roof poses a drainage problem for your gardens and trees near your home, extend the downspouts away from your home.

Include Found Elements and Personal Items

Your oasis might be an escape from the world, but it should not leave you feeling disconnected. Incorporate flowers that evoke memories, building materials with histories, photos, heirlooms, and other personal touches into the design.

(Bonus) Plant Fruit Trees

Fruit trees offer two benefits in one attractive landscape feature. You can enjoy the shade and delicious fruit once your trees have the chance to grow. The Florida earth and sunshine are boons for fruit growers, so why should the large fruit companies be the only ones to profit from it?

Before planting fruit trees, consider the maintenance requirements and optimal growing conditions for each type of tree, so you know what to expect before you plant them.

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