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Professional Landscape Design Services
in Largo, FL

The outdoor space around your home or office makes the first impression on your guests, colleagues, and clients. Largo, FL, is a gorgeous city full of lush green neighborhoods, parks, and waterfronts, which means if your property is drab and bland, it will stand out. From The Ground Up Landscaping Design offers quality landscaping design services in Largo, FL, for all home and business owners.

Our landscaping professionals work hard to ensure each customer is completely satisfied with the look and style of their outdoor space. Our team handles each project with the utmost care and attention, no matter how big or small. Whether you need help with a new garden design or just want some new plants around your lawn, From The Ground Up Landscaping Design can provide the professional, experienced touch you need to make your property look lively and beautiful.

The Landscape Design Process

When we provide landscape design services to our customers, we make each job a personal experience with a lot of collaboration. When you hire us for your landscaping project, we follow your instructions while providing the insight we’ve gathered through years of experience to create a unique landscape design that matches your taste. No other landscaping company in Largo, FL, works as hard to give each client the calming outdoor environment they’ve been dreaming of.

Sod Installation

Whether you’re laying sod for the first time or looking to repair a damaged lawn, we offer a wide variety of sod types for residential and commercial lawns. We have shade-tolerant sod for properties that don’t get much sunlight, full-sun sod for bright open areas, and all levels in between.

If there is extensive damage to your lawn, but you’re hesitant to replace it because of cost, we have several restoration options that can save you money. Instead of entirely replacing all your sod, we can remove the damaged or infected areas and replace them with new sod that matches your healthy grass.

We also have sod plugs to replace small dead spaces on your lawn. Plugs are easy and quick to install and keep lawn repair costs down. When it comes to landscaping design services in Largo, FL, no one makes it easier or more affordable than From The Ground Up Landscaping Design.

Protect Your Lawn, Plants, and Trees From Insects and Disease

Keeping weeds at bay and regularly fertilizing your lawn will help prevent lawn diseases and insect infestation, but neither can guarantee your lawn’s safety from these issues. Some of the most common lawn diseases in Largo, FL, are:

  • Take-all root rot: Mostly affecting St. Augustine and Bermuda grass, this disease eats the grass roots and quickly kills large patches of the lawn.
  • Dollar spot fungus: Brown spots, roughly the size of a silver dollar, grow on the lawn and expand to connect and create large patches.
  • Fairy ring fungus: This fungus attacks the grass from beneath, feeding off the nitrogen and creating a large ring of white mushrooms.
  • Lawn rust: Yellow specks grow into rust-colored stripes on blades of grass while weakening the lawn’s health – making it vulnerable to other diseases.

Some of the bugs that cause the most trouble for landscaping in Largo, FL, are:

  • Chinch bugs
  • Grubs
  • Spanish moths
  • Japanese beetles
  • Mole crickets
  • Bayberry whiteflies
  • And many more

The professionals at From The Ground Up Landscaping Design can do sod replacement to repair damaged, diseased lawn areas. We also offer trimming and pruning services for trees and plants to prevent disease and pest infestations.

Why Largo Residents Choose Us for Landscaping Design Services

Home and business owners in Largo, FL, trust us for their landscaping projects because all the contractors on our team are highly qualified, licensed, bonded, and insured. We operate with transparency and communication, so you know what’s happening throughout the entire landscape design process. All properties are different, and our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any obstacles or issues that arise without wasting time.

Let’s Get This Growing

Tell us about your outdoor project and vision and we’ll let you know how we can help. For the best landscaping services in St. Petersburg, Seminole, & Largo, FL area, contact us today!

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