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From the Ground Up emerges as the gold standard in landscaping excellence. Our fervor for encapsulating the essence of Florida’s natural allure permeates every project we undertake. We artfully craft landscapes that not only mirror Largo’s distinct character but also stand as a testament to our unmatched proficiency. Beyond mere design, we fortify properties with robust drainage & grading solutions, ensuring longevity and resilience. Our landscape lighting services transcend mere illumination; they weave a tapestry of elegance and grace across your outdoor realms. As Largo’s premier landscaping mavens, our commitment is unwavering: to transform your outdoor spaces into breathtaking vistas that harmoniously blend aesthetics, functionality, and magnificence.

Landscape Design in Largo, FL

When it comes to landscape design in Largo, FL, From The Ground Up is the name to trust. Our seasoned experts can craft both hard and soft scape elements, tailoring designs from scratch or seamlessly integrating new features into your existing landscape. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the local environment, we ensure that every design not only looks beautiful but also thrives in the Largo climate.

  • Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Plant & Tree Specialists

  • Hardscaping Solutions

  • Landscape Installations

Beautiful front and backyard landscaping project in Seminole, FL
A functional drainage and irrigation project in St. Petersburg, FL

Drainage & Grading in Largo, FL

Heavy rainfall and storms can wreak havoc on your property without proper drainage systems in place. In Largo, FL, we specialize in installing efficient drainage and grading solutions, such as sump pumps, to safeguard your landscape from potential damage. Our team meticulously assesses your property’s needs, ensuring that water flows away effectively, preventing flooding and soil erosion.

  • French Drains

  • Sump Pumps

  • Slope Creation

  • Erosion Control

A functional drainage and irrigation project in St. Petersburg, FL

Landscape Lighting in Largo, FL

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces with From the Ground Up’s top-notch landscape lighting services in Largo, FL. Our luminous solutions are carefully designed to elevate the visual appeal of your property while prioritizing safety and sophistication. Whether it’s accentuating your home’s architectural wonders, brightening pathways, or creating a cozy atmosphere for your relaxation areas, our team of experts strategically places each fixture with utmost precision. Experience the enchantment as we illuminate your surroundings, transforming your property into a captivating masterpiece in Largo.

  • Yard Lighting

  • Pathway Lighting

  • Uplight & Downlighting

  • Tree Lighting

Path Lighting in Seminole

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