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In Seminole, FL, “From the Ground Up” is synonymous with top-notch landscaping services. Our dedication to magnifying the inherent beauty of Florida landscapes shines through in every endeavor. From meticulously crafting landscape designs that echo Florida’s allure to deploying robust drainage & grading solutions safeguarding properties, our prowess is second to none. Our landscape lighting services further enhance and illuminate your outdoor domains, adding a touch of elegance. As Seminole’s go-to landscaping specialists, we’re committed to transforming your exteriors, ensuring a blend of quality, functionality, and sheer beauty.

Landscape Design in Seminole, FL

From the Ground Up is renowned for its top-tier landscape design services in Seminole, FL. Our experts craft outdoor spaces that not only enhance the beauty of your property but also resonate with the natural charm of Florida. Whether you’re envisioning a serene garden, vibrant plantations, or functional hardscape features, we’re here to bring your dream landscape to life. Trust in our expertise to create outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, ensuring that every corner of your property shines.

  • Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Plant & Tree Specialists

  • Hardscaping Solutions

  • Landscape Installations

A completed landscape design in Largo, FL
A functional drainage and irrigation project in St. Petersburg, FL

Drainage & Grading in Seminole, FL

Water stagnation can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, leading to flooding, structural damage, and a ruined landscape. In Seminole, FL, From the Ground Up offers premier drainage & grading solutions tailored to protect your property. Our systems ensure efficient water flow, preventing potential hazards like flooding and erosion. Whether it’s implementing French drainage systems, sump pumps, or creating a slope for better water flow, our team ensures that your landscape remains pristine and free from water-related issues.

  • French Drains

  • Sump Pumps

  • Slope Creation

  • Erosion Control

A functional drainage and irrigation project in St. Petersburg, FL

Landscape Lighting in Seminole, FL

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with From the Ground Up’s high-quality landscape lighting services in Seminole, FL. Our lighting solutions are designed to enhance the beauty of your property, providing safety and adding a touch of elegance. Whether it’s accentuating the architectural features of your home, lighting up pathways, or creating a cozy ambiance for your patios and decks, our team ensures that every light fixture is placed to perfection. Experience the transformation as we light up your world, making your property the envy of the neighborhood.

  • Yard Lighting

  • Pathway Lighting

  • Uplight & Downlighting

  • Tree Lighting

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