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High-Quality Landscaping Design Services
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Residents of Seminole, FL, know their city is full of natural beauty. The vibrant flowers, lush greens from the trees and grass, and majestic rivers, lakes, and creeks make this a truly magical place to live. With all these gorgeous features in every direction you look, it’s no wonder local home and business owners want their properties to be as eye-catching and stunning as their surroundings.

At From The Ground Up Landscaping Design, we offer the finest landscaping design services in Seminole, FL. Our contractors go above and beyond to ensure each customer is 100% satisfied with their outdoor space. There’s no job too big or too small for our knowledgeable and experienced professionals to handle with the utmost care and attention.

Most Reliable Landscape Design Services in Seminole, FL

When you work with our team, we keep you in the loop and explain everything we do throughout the landscape design process. Whether we’re doing a garden design or setting up a lounge area for your family and friends, we keep you involved so you can help us create an outdoor space unique to your taste. Our contractors will follow your instructions to the letter while offering suggestions and insight gathered from years of experience to make your yard, garden, or lounge area a pleasant and relaxing space on your property.

No other landscaping company in Seminole, FL, works as hard to bring each client’s vision for a soothing outdoor environment to life.

Hardscape Installations

Adding hardscape features to your property enables you to create outdoor gathering spaces for your friends and family. Hardscape features also significantly increase property value for those who plan to sell their property sometime in the future. At From The Ground Up Landscape Design, our licensed professionals can install the following hardscape features:

  • Paver stone walkways: Let these walkways act as aesthetically pleasing guides for your guests to find different areas on your property.
  • Retaining walls: Prevent soil erosion and keep your yard level with this helpful hardscape feature.
  • Fire pits: There’s no better place to relax and laugh with your friends and family on a cool summer night.
  • LED landscape lighting: When the sun goes down, these strategically placed lights highlight the trees, shrubs, flowers, and water features on your property and your home’s architecture.
  • Patios and pool decks: Spend some quality time with the special people in your life and soak up some sun with these lovely additions.

For comprehensive landscaping design services in Seminole, FL, there’s no better choice than From The Ground Up Landscape Design.

Softscape Installations

Anytime you add a living element to your property, like a tree or plant, it is considered a softscape installation. While anyone can plant flowers, shrubs, or other garden plants, without knowledge and experience, you may buy an expensive plant that has no chance of surviving in a Florida environment. Our horticulture professionals can recommend plants that will thrive in the Seminole, FL, climate and keep your outdoor space looking lively and colorful all year long.

Some of the plants we recommend and install for Seminole residents are:

  • Magnolias
  • Junipers
  • Azaleas
  • Palms
  • Crape myrtles
  • Cycads
  • Salvias
  • Firebushes

These plants have adapted to the local climate, making them easy to nurture and maintain. Our design specialists can help you choose plants that will complement the color scheme and textures on your property.

We also offer sod installation for those looking for a fresh, healthy lawn. We have a wide selection of shade-tolerant sod types, sod for full-sun yards, and all levels in between. We can install a full lawn of sod or remove problem areas and replace them with a sod choice that matches your current grass.

Let’s Get This Growing

Tell us about your outdoor project and vision and we’ll let you know how we can help. For the best landscaping services in St. Petersburg, Seminole, & Largo, FL area, contact us today!

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